We keep running, swimming,
hiking, cycling for education…

...in memory of MikE


Michael Matthews (Mike) died in 1999 when descending from the summit of Mount Everest.      


Aged just 22 – he was a successful derivatives trader, leaving a profound impression on his work colleagues, friends and family. Mike was humble, generous, brave, quiet and yet always at the centre of a group in which laughter abounded.

Mike would have encouraged what now is being achieved by MMF - educating thousands of children from remote areas who now benefit from a better start in life.  

Mike’s memorial service at the Grosvenor Chapel was packed to overflowing by the hundreds of people who wished to celebrate his life. 

Mike was much loved and is greatly missed – his name continues to be a force for good.


How we work

  • Fundraisers sign up to endurance sporting events for MMF and cover their own costs.
  • The Matthews family, friends and supporters donate through MMF.
  • The MMF team includes family members and expert advisors.
  • MMF finds the best projects where the money will be used effectively and with high levels of local ownership.
  • The Matthews family cover all management costs.

Together we're getting money for education to where it's needed most.

Thank you for your support!