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Education is

For girls, education means more control of their lives. More choice over when to marry and family size. More status, income, and the power to help their communities.

Our donations are giving young people this chance.


Girls are change-makers in their communities

I would like to be a very rich woman. I will open my childcare centre to take care of orphans and street children who are homeless after their parents passed away.

I love to take care of others who are in need and encourage other people who have difficult life like me that everything is possible, it’s just a matter of time.
— Shani
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I love to help others. I helped my friend who’s also an orphan. He nearly dropped out because he had no money. I gave him money, exercise books and pens. He’s still at school and doing very well in class. I want to have a small family so I can support my children’s education.
— Jenipha, Lulanzi Girls' Hostel
Poverty is when I saw my young sister get sick and we had no money to take her to the hospital. When my guardians had no money to pay my school requirements. When we eat one meal a day. That’s what poverty means to me.

I know that I have a long way to go, but when I look back on my struggle for education, I understand that there’s a good path in future. 
— Shani, Lulanzi Girls' Hostel
I really want to take care of others and I wish one day I will be a nurse to take care of the patients and to show them love. I know that the only thing which will take me where I want to be is to keep on performing well in my studies.  Listening to advice from my teachers, my mum and grandma will fulfill my dream.
— Roseneth, Lulanzi Girls' Hostel
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