LAJA, Tanzania, 2016                                                             //Budget: £28,000
School Rehabilitation
Start date: August 2016
ESTIMATED finish: November 2016

Laja Primary School is in a remote area approximately 50km from Karatu town in Tanzania. The school was established in 1978 and is located in an area which is settled mainly by pastoral communities. The school is very old with most of the buildings in a very poor state. The majority of the current buildings were constructed many years ago through community efforts. The school has 215 pupils, 115 of which are girls and 100 are boys.  The school needs urgent support to ensure the safety of the buildings as without help it is quite likely that much of the school will close, directly impacting the education, happiness and well-being of many students.

The community has put their best efforts in over the years to do what they can to maintain and continue construction of their school, however with limited means this has not been easy. They have also been let down numerous times by NGOs offering support and it then not coming to fruition. 

Structurally the school is in a very bad way with termites having destroyed large parts of the supporting beams in most buildings. Areas of wall have collapsed or are close to collapsing. Cracks in the walls have created a very dangerous situation of becoming shelter for venomous snakes. The ceiling panels in almost all classrooms are missing due to rot and wear and tear, making the corrugated metal roof all there is to protect the children, causing it to be unbearably hot in dry season and too loud to teach during the rainy season.

MMF will Ensure the following:

  • That all classrooms and school buildings are safe and functioning. Two classrooms are in a critical state and need almost complete rebuilding and six others are in a very bad way needing more general but pressing maintenance. There are also three classrooms that were never completed, they were left less that half built by previous NGOs, we will ensure the completion of these.
  • That the school latrines are rebuilt. For many years now the boys and girls have had to share the same four holes in the ground due to the collapse of the previous block. This has obviously created health and privacy concerns, we will also rebuild the teachers latrine which is in much need of repair.
  • The rehabilitation of teachers accommodation.  Likewise this is in a very bad way structurally with some buildings being uninhabitable. This causes particular problems when attracting female teachers to live and work at the school who are vital to a secure and well rounded environment for the children.
  • Completion of the rainwater harvest system. This will be upgraded and repaired once all other work is complete, as it is dependent on good roofing and guttering.