Michael Matthews SCHOOL Phuket

The Michael Matthews foundation has been incredibly generous with its support of the school. Michael left behind a great legacy which will help inspire the children for many many years to come.
— Sr.Lakana

This new school is set in a quiet area of a small Thai village close to the fishing port of Rassada this is where the majority of the pupil's parents work. There is room to educate up to 200 children with the option and planning permission to build upwards to accommodate further children should this be required.  The school has 3 stories comprising of 7 classrooms, a common room, a nursery and a medical room along with a roof garden and large outdoor learning/play area.

The school was started in order to care for Burmese children whose parents as a rule earn about $2 a day for physically demanding work. As a result children and babies are left alone in the working camps and are extremely vulnerable with no access to education.

The aim of the school is to provide a safe environment and to teach the Thai language so that the children may enter the Thai schooling system when they are sufficiently fluent.