The New Blood School, in Mae Sot on the Thai Burma border or Burma, is a refugee school for the ostracized children of the Karen State in Burma.

This school educates around 600 Burmese migrant children from surrounding villages and camps. About a quarter of these children are orphans who live in the boarding room of the school. A large part of their old school was is in disrepair, unsafe, impractical and incredibly hot.  It needed to be taken down and rebuilt in order for the children to learn in safety. MMF stepped in with funding and project management to repair and build a new wing with 5 classrooms and an office. 

In a similar way to to The Mike Mathews Learning center in Phuket, the focus of this school is to educate children to a level of Thai language and curriculum sufficient to allow entry to a Thai school.

The secondary focus is the Burmese curriculum for families wishing to return to Myanmar. The majority of families with children at the school, wish to stay and work in Thailand.  The school sent around 40 kids to Thai school last year, and more will be going this year.