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Updates from Nyang'oro

Secondary School

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From 'Ghetto' to MODERN construction and design

Girls call them "ghettoes". The basic rooms with dirt floors that girls can rent close to their school.

70% of the girls at Nyang’oro Secondary School live too far away to walk every day. That's the reality of village life, where one secondary school serves a wide catchment of scattered villages.

Up to 5 girls live in a small room, and pool their scarce resources to cover rent and food. Girls are vulnerable, and some get pregnant. 

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That's why communities are so keen to build girls' school hostels, so girls are safe to study.

It's a partnership.

The community at Nyang'oro bought 5 acres of land to build the hostel and grow food for the girls. Community members donated 60,000 bricks.

15 - 30 labourers volunteered daily on the site. 

Your donations have funded the rest.



This is the third hostel we've funded in partnership with Lyra in Africa and the most innovative to date. The hostel at Nyang'oro has an improved design and better green credentials. It will have a 50% lower carbon footprint than traditional models.