The Matterhorn

In July 2016, Pippa Middleton and James Middleton climbed the 4,478 metre Matterhorn for the Foundation. 

Situated between Zermatt in Switzerland and Cervinia in Italy, the near-pyramidal Matterhorn has become an iconic symbol of the Alps and of Switzerland.  It was one of the last of the great Alpine peaks to be climbed, the first successful attempt taking place in 1865. 

Prior to their own summit attempt, Pippa and James spent the night in the Hörnli hut, the 3,200 metre Matterhorn base camp, before setting out in the darkness with their guides well before daybreak, reaching the summit just after 7.30 am. 

Pippa Middleton said, “Although neither I nor my brother ever met Michael Matthews, we both share his spirit and passion for the mountains.  We made this climb knowing he would have been there nudging us on, and we are honoured to be supporting his memory.” 

None of the costs of the Matterhorn climb fell on the Charity, having been borne in full by the fundraisers themselves and members of Michael’s family.  Every penny raised benefited directly the young people whom MMF supports.  This has been a guiding principle of the Foundation from the start.