The Michael Matthews Foundation (MMF) helps to provide education for children in
remote places who, without a helping hand, might not receive an education at all.  

Currently, around 1200 children are being educated at schools supported by MMF. 
The Charity’s focus is the construction of durable school buildings, and in particular dormitories – tangible assets which deliver lasting benefits. 

MMF is currently helping to build a school dormitory in Nyang’oro, Tanzania.

In due course, this will provide safe accommodation for 136 girls, many of whom would otherwise be obliged to walk many difficult, and sometimes dangerous, miles to and from school each day. 

To date, MMF’s income has resulted largely from the fund-raising endeavours of
Michael's brothers, James and Spencer, their friends, and other family members.  
Fundraising events have usually been of a sporting nature, with endurance a
common feature.   MMF’s operating costs are met separately by members of the Matthews family, enabling 100% of the Foundation’s income to be used to deliver benefit to those whom the Charity supports.