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In rural Tanzania, villages are spread out. The nearest secondary school can be up to 30kms away. Many students have a long walk every day, resulting in them being very tired and exposed to the risks of sexual exploitation and harrassment.. When it’s too far to walk, girls rent unsupervised rooms. They are especially vulnerable when they don’t have enough money for food and rent.

“Mothers were saying – we really need a hostel. It’s very dangerous for our children. Girls were getting pregnant, and being threatened with rape. When we heard that MMF would fund this, we were so happy. Students will be in a good safe place.”

— Galosi Nyamoga, Chair of parents’ committee, Lulanzi Hostel

“I used to wake up early at 5am, do many domestic jobs at home, then walk 2 hours to and from school with no breakfast and no lunch. The girls’ hostel in our school means that previous sufferings are coming to an end.

For the short time I have been in the hostel I understand that this is my privilege. I have experienced a different life with lots of time to review my class lessons, no more walking and we get three meals a day!”

— Shani

“It is unbelievable to have such a nice hostel in our school which is incomparable with any houses in the village! To me the hostel is like a home for the homeless girls who used to walk, rent and those who were suffering in gaining their education. I personally thank you.”

Roseneth’s father died 5 years ago, and she lives with her grandma while her mother does casual labour in Dar es Salaam to send money back for the family.

“Before I joined the hostel I had a heavy workload at home, cooking, fetching water, collecting firewood, preparing food for 7 people at home. I walked 10km to school every day climbing uphill and downhill. Walking in the rain, clouds and strong winds early in the morning with an empty stomach. It was very hard and I don’t know how I managed that.”

I had been top of the class since primary school and I was worried that I would lose my position because I didn’t have enough time to study. I was so happy when I saw the hostel being built at my school.

At my school I love my older sisters who have performed well in their studies. When I meet them in the village I congratulate them and they encourage me to study hard so that I can perform well. My friends admire me, and know me as a girl with focus and desire for the best performance."

- Roseneth, Lulanzi Girls' Hostel


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